Timesheet Approval section is available by default for Project Managers, Backup Managers and Administrators who can review employees’ timesheets and approve/reject them.

Timesheet Approval

You can also give the timesheet approval permission to other users from the Permission Management Settings. Please go to Settings>>Permission Management Settings>>Project Management and tick the option “Timesheet Approval” and “Approve/Reject all Timesheet” for other user roles.

Timesheet Approval

Review Timesheets

To review timesheets, go to the Actions dropdown and click Review. In this page you can approve/reject timesheets.

Timesheet Approval

Approve Timesheets

Timesheets can be approved in batch or one by one. To approve/reject timesheets in batch, click on “Approve Timesheet” button. Select the Date period range, projects and employees, optionally, and “View Results”. The system will populate all submitted timesheets for the period you have chosen.

You can also use Group by dropdown to look at timesheet at separate columns which are grouped by project, client or date.

Timesheet Approval

To approve the timesheet, you need to tick either specific “Approve” boxes or “Approve all” and to reject it, you need to tick “Reject” boxes.

While rejecting the timesheet, you can leave comments on the reason why you rejected it. The comment will show up in Task summary page.

Approved Hours

Approved time entries will be reflected as actual time spent in Task Summary page. The task’s percentage of completion is also calculated using the actual time spent if “Automatic” calculation is turned on.

Approved hours can be reviewed again and be rejected from Timesheet Approval Page. To reject the hours that have been previously approved, click on Actions and Review.

Timesheet-Based Invoice also uses approved hours to bill clients.


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