CRM & Sales customer review


We use most of the major components of the product. The results are predicable and consistent. Support is reachable and very knowledgeable. I believe the product is one of the best bang for buck solutions on the market. ...

Mark Tappin

Why's CRM?

Using’s CRM application will enhance client case management and functionality of your business model, as it integrates seamlessly with all other functions, which gives you a clear perspective of all vital areas of business, while improving cost-efficiency. All interactions are stored and can be shared from establishing first contact, initiating a quote, sending proposals, project implementation, creating a purchase inventory, product delivery, shipment etc.


For a sales manager CRM’s cloud based apps offers real time access to team activities, which helps in achieving and forecasting sales targets accurately. Managing customer information is much easier and it improves client interaction. Using the mass mailer tool helps connect to prospective clients for marketing. It also makes it easy to track sales conversions generated from marketing campaigns.’s CRM tool provides easy tracking of leads and sources, while providing real time information to sales team members and generating data for analysis to further improve a business’s profitability.

The most effective way to keep customers happy

Whether you are a small business just establishing your identity in the market, or a big company which has already gained a fair amount of market share, you have lots challenges. Most of those challenges come from not keeping your customers happy. Or not fully happy.


Your customers will become strong advocates if you treat them well. But how does that happen in terms of a software?

Let’s start our journey to the CRM World from the beginning.

Lead Management

As a growing business, you need to find new prospects. You may gets hundreds of business cards today or your customers might just signup for your service and go. In order to keep track of your prospects, you need a strong CRM System. You can manage them through leads at


Entering leads one by one is scary. No, our system will not burden you with this cumbersome hard task. You can receive leads to through signup form, csv document or through your email.

Once leads are there, you can track all activities associated with them. You can log a call, schedule a meeting and write email to the client directly from the system.


Once you have detected a potential business deal from a lead, you can register a new opportunity and work with it. You can keep track of the progress of all opportunities and decide whether you will be spending money on that or not. Because is integrated ERP system, you can also plan it’s budget through accounting module.

If you have a deal with the client, depending on the type of your ogranization, you can either ship him a product, or register a project in the system.  Because all the information about the won opportunity is stored in the system, your guys from the other departments will always know the details of the deal, and view the notes made during the negotiations

Ongoing Customer Support

CRM is not just sales and marketing. It is an ongoing process in the organization. You can get to know the issues of your customers and manage them through Case Management solution. It is fully integrated with all email systems. All emails of customers will be received as tickets. Your team can handle all customer cases by writing the emails directly in the system.

Case Management


Let’s admit it.  You need to be organized yourself, before demanding it from others. provides all tools in order for you to be organized.

  • Calendar – Use Calendar to manage time and date of activities and events, categorize, and synchronize with Google Calendar
  • Cases and Tasks – Manage cases, set assignees and complete tasks
  • Message Center – Manage email messaging activities, including mass mailing’s CRM consists of 4 basic modules, which are, sales, customer service, email marketing and web forms. Being unique integrated solution, the software allows sales people to generate leads using web forms and mass mailing tool, eventually converting them into sales opportunities and handling them with customer service tool.

Benefits of CRM

  •    Generates sales leads resulting in higher conversions
  •    Improves customer satisfaction while increasing sales
  •    Automated process enhances employee efficiency
  •    Secures key data and offers anytime access
  •    Helps to formulate a targeted marketing strategy while increasing profitability

Integration with other modules

Being seamlessly integrated with Accounting, Finance, Project and Case Management enhances functionality, sales, client interaction and improves delivery times.’s CRM tool comprises key functions including sales, customer service, email-marketing and web forms among others modules. As the entire application is integrated it assists in generating sales  through web forms and mass mailing, while all sales conversions are dealt with efficiently through the customer service module