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Multi-Company Settings

With the you can manage multi-company accounting and interact with the subsidiary companies.

Multi-company accounting feature is enabled upon the request, you can send request to

After passing Accounting & Finance “Getting Started”, locate your name from the top right corner and click”Settings” link, which will lead to the following screen:

Once “multi-company” feature is enabled in your company, you will find additional settings “Setup Company Subsidiaries“.

Proceed with the link to arrive at Subsidiaries listings page. Click Add New button to invite your subsidiary company or companies.

In adding a subsidiary company you would need provide basic information under Company information, Address information and Financial information.
Note: Under Financial Information you will need to provide subsidiary’s Base Currency and select other currencies if child company deals with it currencies in their daily activity under Operating Currencies.

You need to make sure that Parent Company’s base currency coincides with child companies Base Currency or is listed under Operating Currencies.

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