Employee Profile

The Employee Profile section is a resource page of information about all employees within the company. It consists from the following sub-sections:

Employee Profile Summary page includes basic details about an employee.

Leave Requests section shows an employee information about his/her leave requests.

Expense Reports feature lets a user to add and view expense claim details.

Goals section is all about different types of objectives. Several categories of goals can be added and be viewed on this page.

Talent Profile is a personal page of an employee. It includes the list of educations, awards and competencies of an employee.

Incident List illustrates the list of issues occurred in a company within employees. The user can easily find out about the name, description, date, status and resolver of an issue on this right page.

Documents section contains employee-related attachments needed to complete the profile.

Employees are able to view their own profile, and edit their own personal data, while HR Managers, Directors, Administrators can view an employee profile of all employees and edit personal and system related data.

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