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How to build Assembly Item?

In order to build Assembly Item, go to Accounting & Finance >> Product/Services, click “More” menu and select a Build Assembly.

Assembly Item

The form will appear with the following fields:

Assembly Item

Select Product – in this field you can choose only assembly type products in the system.

Quantity to build –enter the quantity of the built assembly item.

Warehouse – select warehouse where build assembly will be hold. (Warehouse feature is added by the request of the user. You can see more about Add-ons here).

After you have built Assembly Item, Inventory items’ (bill of materials) quantity on hand will be decreased by the quantity used for building assembly item. In the example of former screenshot, quantity of the each item in the products/service listing page will be decreased by 10 units and quantity on hand will be 90 units. As 10 units of the items were used for building Assembly item.

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