Add Reference

If the Reference Settings is enabled in your account, you will be able to add extra status, priority, types and many others to many sections of the system such as leads, projects, accounts, tasks, etc.

For example: To add a new case status, perform the following steps:

1. Click on the icon next to the username on the right-upper corner of the screen

2. Select the Settings from the dropdown

Add Reference

3. Click the Reference Settings on the Settings tab

Add ReferenceAdd Reference

4. Choose the Case Status

5. Click the Action dropdown and Edit

6. Click on Plus (+) icon which will populate a new line to add a new status

7. Type the name and the description of the status and save.

Add Reference

Once you save the changes, the new case status will be available in the Cases.

  The Reference Settings  is not available by default. To enable the feature, contact our technical support team.

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