Timesheet management for business requirements


Kpi.com offers timesheet management that makes managing employees’ working schedules simple and easy to use. Using this tool you have anytime access to detailed timesheets while on tour or in the office.  

You can customise the use of timesheet management as per your business requirements, while making it easy for all your employees to track assigned tasks and also be able to automate approvals. You can customise the process workflow approval as per your business or project, while enabling single, project-based or multi-levels approval. You have an option to either duplicate previously created timesheets (saves time) or creating a new one. At the click of a button you have total access to every employees and projects progress, approvals, leave status, etc. which gives you total control.

Anytime Online Access

Kpi.com gives you the ability to work with timesheets at anytime and anyplace, whether you are  in an office or mobile. All it takes is having access to an Internet connection and a standard browser. If you are travelling and on the road, all you need to do is use our customised mobile apps for use both with iOS and Android based systems. So whether you use a Blackberry, iPhone or PDA you are always in the loop.

You have the ability to manage each timesheet as per project specifications, while synchronising it with your business needs and having access to real time updates and statuses of key deliverables. You can track projects per time worked, tasks or phases while adding any additional notes (if needed). You could time track for either billable or non-billable periods which leads to greater cost-efficiency. Besides you have easy access to timesheet reports with our inbuilt reporting functionality that can export data records to an Excel or PDF file. This will  enable you to analyse aggregated data reports at your own convenience.