Create, Save and Share reports

If you want to see the performance of any business you need to go through its reports or review its dashboards, which will accurately portray the status of the business. The Dashboard serves  as a single page, real-time interface, which offers a graphical representation of an organisation or business's current KPI (key performance indicators). This is beneficial in making an informed decision for business related matters. It is mostly in the form of a web page and is also known as ‘a progress report’ or ‘snapshot’. It is linked to the database and constantly updated.

Using’s reporting and dashboard tool will enable you to create various types of reports, which will be as per the available linked data and can filter information. You can also plot charts and graphs for visual comparison and they can be converted into an Excel or PDF file for convenience or to backup data. A major benefit of using’s management software is that there are automated default reports readily available in Finance and Accounting, Project Management and CRM which will save you extra efforts as well as time spent in creation. There are built-in templates available for all four modules Accounting, HRMS, CRM and PM which makes it convenient for the user. All it needs is data to be entered and reports can be generated.

  • Able to measure and identify areas of improvement
  • Offers all round business performance in key areas
  • Helps to make informed decisions
  • Can create detailed and customized reports
  • Offers the latest and most up-to-date status of the business
  • Built-in templates for HRMS, Accounting, Finance and CRM


Watch a brief overview video of Reporting module:

Integration with other modules

The reporting and dashboard tool is seamlessly integrated with Project management, HRMS, Accounting and Finance and CRM. It makes creating reports even complex ones that are calculation based, very easy. The files or reports can be stored and shared with users with access levels set as per needs. also offers to create customized reports for its clients, if they have any such requirements.