Track your inventory. Manage multiple warehouses. Go mobile


View How Much Stock is Available on Your Warehouse

View how much stock is left on your warehouse. View how much is actually available, and set reoder points.Automatically add workflows on sales orders and purchase orders. Add multiple warehouses and manage them. Add products as inventory items and start tracking their, cost (FIFO cost valuation method). You can also view how much stock is on purchase order. Your employees can add requests for purchase, purchase orders and receive products from suppliers. Custom fields, automatic workflows, calendar, and help desk tools are available once you start the free trial.


Manage all your operations in one place

Streamline sales processes with automatic workflows and email notifications. When a new sales order is received, your employees will receive an email notification and start fulfilling the order. Once orders are picked, packed and shipped, they can be converted to a sales invoice. Handle returns by your customers easily. You can setup recurring invoice schedules for your loyal customers. Receiving goods from suppliers is easy. Just match the purchase order and start receiving goods. All products received can be added as purchase invoice once done.


Make stock adjustments. Transfer stock

Correcting errors in bookkeeping is possible and easy at Simply add stock adjustments and bookkeeping entries will be corrected automatically. You can also transfer stock between various warehouses at your organization. You can make year-end consolidations between different offices and locations of your company. View sales and accounting reports using the reporting section. You can also create custom charts and dashboards.


Manage your inventory on mobile. Scan Bar-codes using a bar code scanners of smartphones inventory management solution is now available on mobile! Receive stock, add and view sales orders, view how much stock is available, add stock transfers, and make stock adjustments. You can pick, pack and ship inventory items on the fly, and update it’s status automatically. You can receive inventory items from the suppliers in a mobile app, and the system will make bookkeeping entries for you automatically. You can add stock transfers and make stock adjustments to your warehouse items.

A lot can be achieved when inventory management is integrated with accounting and operations offers integrated online ERP Software for a small business. You will be able to manage all operations across the whole your organization easily. You can sell the products with accuracy, and automatically order products that are close to being out of stock. By using the, you will have the following benefits:

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