All in one Sales, Customer Service and Email Marketing Solution

Lead view

Increase Sales. Work with Leads

Just insert a web form to your website and start receiving leads. No data entry is required.  You can log a call or add tasks. Timesheet and calendar are available. See who is performing best. Send sales quotes directly in the system. Customize the system with your own custom forms and lead statuses. You can build the custom forms on the fly. Sales quotes can then be converted to sales invoice in Accounting and Finance section. All leads converted in CRM section can be managed from customer center  in Accounting and Finance section.

Case list

Manage Your Help Desk with Integrated Emailing

You can receive cases(tickets) by customers from email. Assign cases to your team members. Email cases right from there. Connect your google apps account to Case escalation, knowledge base is available. You can customize case statuses and workflows. You can write emails directly in the system using the message center. You can also use mass mailing capabilities for writing mass emails to your customers or leads. View mass mailing statistics and optimize the mailing campaigns according to the response rate.


Analyze the Performance. Make Better Decisions.

Use our custom reporting tool to streamline your reporting and  dashboards. You can stay flexible as you grow. Analyze how your team is performing. Find out if there are problems on your sales funnel. You can also measure your own set of metrics like response time, case solution time, escalation rate and etc… You can create your own custom reports from specified metrics and workflows. You can control and assign your own access levels and permissions according to the settings – permission settings. You can control who has access to reporting section and who can modify your reports.


Invoicing and Sales Quotes
Tasks and Timesheet
Customer Service
Sales Management
Mass mailing
Real Time Reports

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A lot can be achieved when CRM Software is integrated with projects and accounting online business management software allows you to achieve the transparency of your business and to automate your workflows. Everything you need is in one place. You don’t need to worry about integration with several apps. There are following benefits of online crm software: