Cloud HR and Payroll Software for a Small Business


Employee Self-Service

Employee self service feature allows HR stuff to get independent by allowing employees to view and update their own data including basic details, salary, passport and visa, documents, tasks, time-sheet and payroll information. Your employees can add leave requests, expense claims, benefit requests, promotion/penalties for HR’s approval.The manager self service feature is also available for managers to control company dashboards and approve the documents.


Attendance Tracking With Biometric Device

Track the attendance with biometric device. View late employees. Manage holidays. Track leave requests. Setup automatic annual leave allowance periods and define whether leave days will be accrued to the next year.Your employees can submit leave requests for approval. The approved leave requests are reflected in payroll and project reports.You can view your late employees and check out the actual time when they checked in an checked out using the bio-metric device.


Hire the professionals using the recruitment section. Manage positions and publish job openings to various websites. Collect the candidates using the web form. Schedule interviews using a calendar. Once the interview has been done, you can recommend the candidate for a vacancy and hire them. After the hiring process is finished you can start an on-boarding cycle and welcome your new employees.



Welcome the new employees in the company. You can create custom on boarding steps and create custom forms. You can track track passport, visa, government related forms, entry permits and set renewal reminders for HR managers. The on-boarding feature supports custom forms, custom workflows and custom fields. You can also view your on-boarding activities on a calendar.


Dashboards and Custom Reports

HR managers can view everything in one place by using our integrated dashboards and charts. Analyze the performance of your employees.You can create custom reports and save them as excel. You can import your own excel files to the system and generate the reports in your own template. You can also implement your own dashboard report templates for your organization.



Make payments to your employees and issue them a payslip. You can make both individual payments and group payments. You can customize the payments and deductions for your own country. You can report the income tax to government. The payroll is integrated with accounting software. There is no need to integrate your payroll data with accounting manually or using third party tools.  You can customize payroll under your own country regulations easily.

Automate Regular Burdensome HR tasks. Control Your Payroll Cycles

Employee Self Service
Attendance Tracking
On Boarding
Mass mailing
Real Time Reports

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Cost Effective Cloud HR Software optimal for a Small Business online HR and Payroll solution allows you to ease the burden of HR tasks by automating ESS, document management, attendance tracking and recruitment processes. Everything you need is in one place. HR Management is integrated with timesheet and accounting. Companies which have implemented's cloud HR software have achieved the following results: