Where does kpi.com store all data?

Kpi.com stores all information in EC 2 Amazon AWS Cloud Environment. Amazon cloud provides extensive security, data backup and other services for cloud computing storage. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), provides developers and IT teams with secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage. Amazon S3 is easy to use, with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. With Amazon S3, you pay only for the storage you actually use. There is no minimum fee and no setup cost.

Are Backups Available?

Yes, we may provide scheduled automatic daily backups of your kpi.com account  and your company. In order to be able to get daily backups, go to Settings, System Folders - backups. You can download your backups there

Does the accounting tool support the legislation and standards of England

Our accounting tool is not designed for a specific country, rather it follows common International Accounting Standards that suits for any country. However, if you need a special kind of reports required by the law of your country, it can be customized by your needs. However, note that our accounting software supports the standards used in England and US. We have VAT reporting for England and GST reports for the US. Our accounting software also supports non-profit standards of Australia. Contact us in order to enable country based specific reports to your company.

Do I need to hire an accountant in order to use kpi.com Accounting Software?

No, you do not need to hire an accountant in order to be able to use kpi.com all in one Financials and Accounting. Kpi.com Accounting Solution can be used both by professional accountants and by people in other industry. Our software is focused on supporting all stages of your workflow in your organization. You can issue invoices and register purchase orders. The software supports Sales quotes, Sales Orders and approvals. It also supports inventory related tasks.

What are the privileges that the account owners have?

Account owners are created with Administrator privileges in the system. Administrators have full access everywhere in the system. Administrators can create other employees, give them access rights and change all documents in the system.

How secure is Kpi.com? What kind of security does the system provide?

Kpi.com puts all efforts to ensure that appropriate facility and data security procedures and processes are in place to protect against destruction, corruption, loss or alteration of, and unauthorized access to the information or customer data created and generated through the use of the kpi.com software.Namely, kpi.com provides 3 levels of security in throughout the software: 1. Physical Security  Kpi.com is built on Amazon cloud infrastructure and your data is being stored on cloud environment on a reliable replicated storages. We use EC2, EBS and S3 services from Amazon. Cloud systems are now becoming industry standard. We mostly rely on Amazons infrastructure, and your data being stored on a replicated storage in the cloud environment which means, even if some hardware crash occurs data will still remain safe and restorable. This is the level 1 prevention of data loss. Level 2 is we keep daily backup of the data on amazons S3 storage, which is also replicated data storage system from Amazon's web services and is designed for backups, file storages. Level 3 is we keep data backup on our site apart from Amazon's cloud, would any issues occur with the cloud environment we will still have the data backup available. For data sensitive clients we can provide data backup to their site on a scheduled basis upon their request. 2. Network Security  Amazon cloud environment provides complete firewall solution which allows inbound traffic be restricted by protocol, service port, and by IP address.  256-bit SSL. Secure Browser Connections (HTTPS): Information sent via HTTPS is encrypted from the time it leaves kpi.com until it is received by the recipients computer.  Account Access. We can protect your account access through the configured list of IP Addess(es) and/or IP Range(s) upon request.  Control and Audit. All accesses are controlled and audited.  Virus Scanning. Traffic coming into kpi.com Servers is automatically scanned for harmful viruses using state of the art virus scanning protocols which are updated regularly. For more information on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure you can refer to AWS Security Whitepaper AWS Security Whitepaper 2015 3. People Processes  kpi.com employees are only granted a limited set of default permissions to access company resources. Requests for additional access follow a formal process that involves a request and an approval from a data or system owner, manager, or other executives, as dictated by kpi.com security policies. Approvals are managed by workflow tools that maintain audit records of all changes. These tools control both the modification of authorization settings and the approval process to ensure consistent application of the approval policies. An employee authorization settings are used to control access to all resources, including data and systems for kpi.com applications  Audits. Audits are regularly performed and the whole process is reviewed by management  As-Needed Accessing data server information as well as customer data is limited, and can be done only when approved by the client (i.e. as part of a support incident), or system owner, manager, or other executives, as dictated by kpi.com security policies.

Which browsers does kpi.com support?

kpi.com supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6.0+ & above Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ & above Google Chrome 5 & above Safari 4 & above Regardless of the browser type, you must enable JavaScript for kpi.com to function properly. Note: Please use Google Chrome 5+ versions for better experience.

What is the required speed of the internet to effectively use this system?

A minimum of 256 Kbit/s speed internet should be fine as long as traffic is stable - without intrerruptions. One thing you should consider is our application is Web 2.0 rich client interface. While opening any section for the first time (e.g. Project Management) it will take a while (7-10 seconds) to load the interface depending on your internet speed. Then further interactions will use light weight Ajax communication with server.

Are Upgrades Available? How often is the system upgraded?

The system is upgraded once every month. We provide release notes at the end of each upgrade. You can find release notes at blog.kpi.com. However, if we have provided an estimate for a certain date for your customization, we will upgrade the system as it has been negotiated.

Is kpi.com available in other languages?

Yes, kpi.com is available in 6 languages. Kpi.com is currently available in english, arabic(beta version), russian, spanish, portugiese, dutch,  and turkish languages. However, if you want to customize kpi.com for your own language, it is possible and very easy. You can find more information on partners page. Mail us at support@kpi.com for more information.

Does kpi.com offer SSL connection?

Yes. 256-bit SSL is available upon request for paid subscribers in order to provide data security while their data being transferred between their PC and kpi.com servers.

Are customizations available in kpi.com? How much can we customize?

Yes. The system can be customized in many ways. There are 2 types of customizations: basic and custom. Basic customizations are available already in the system. We do not charge anything for them, you can use them inside your subscription package. Firstly, you can customize the look and feel of your invoice documents and the general look and feel of the system. Note that customizing an invoice document can cost little additional fees. You can customize colors/themes, and you can upload your own logo in the company settings. You can customize the languages. Kpi.com is available in 6 languagers: portuguise, turkish, arabic, russian, english and dutch. If kpi.com is not available in your language, and if you want to contribute to a translation send us an email at support@kpi.com. You can also add custom fields to any document, whether it is a project, task, invoice or employee. You can also customize accounting module according to the legislation of your country. We will be able to customize reports, taxes and change the calculations of VAT reporting. Contact support@kpi.com in order to find out more. There is another level of customizations where kpi.com team will treat your requests as separate projects. You can create your own custom workflows, your own views, etc... You will be charged depending on the complexity and timeliness of your requests. For more questions and information contact support@kpi.com.  

Can I hide features if I decide that I don't need them?

Yes, you can hide features which you think that you don't need. Features you think you may not need will either be hidden or switched off so that you will be able to see and use only those needed. However, beware that, only certain features can be hidden. For example, if you don't need HRMS module, HRMS will be hidden completely. If you don't need recruitment within the HRMS, the recruitment module will be hidden. You cannot hide certain lists within the module. For example, you cannot hide tasks list from project management module. Contact us at support@kpi.com for more information. Only we can hide the features for you, you cannot disable them on your own.

How can I become a partner? What are the conditions of a partnership?

You can become a partner on fair prices and conditions. Visit our partners page for more information and offers regarding the partnership. partners of kpi.com

What kind of new features or enhancements are planned at kpi.com?

We update our roadmap with new features regularly, but, we do not publish it online. Our customers receive monthly emails about upcoming system upgrades, their descriptions and future monthly upgrade plans. You can also read about past system upgrades in our blog.

What are the costs of installation and maintenance or technical support?

There are no costs for installation or maintenance. However, if you think that you might need help implementing kpi.com for your organization at the beginning, we have a lot of options.  We have special pricing packages for onboarding your employees to the system. We offer up to 3 months of online training.  There will be separate dedicated customer support relationship manager or customer success associate to help you.  Please review our pricing pages for detailed breakdown of prices.

Is it possible to rename terms, for example, from department to section?

No. However, if you really need those system words and phrases to be changed, we can do that, however, note that it will take our time and effort. The word department appears not only in project management section, but also in HRMS reports,  in invoices, sales quotes, and other documents. We will have to rename the department word everywhere.  If you really need words to be changed, send us an email at: support@kpi.com.

What is the capacity of the system in terms of saving or attaching documents to the project or tasks?

The total size and capacity of the attachments cannot exceed 5GB per company. However, you can buy an additional storage for your company at kpi.com. Check out pricing pages for more information

Can I email the Customer Service Department?

For your questions, enquiries and problems, please email support@kpi.com.

What is the phone number for your Customer Service Department?

You can contact kpi.com support department using following phone numbers: Phone:
+44 (0) 207 096 1245 (UK)
+1 646 844 33 30 (US)
+971 4 424 3033 (UAE)
+44 (0) 208 313 0711

Is kpi.com available on mobile devices?

Yes, kpi.com is available in later versions IOS and Android devices. You can learn more about mobile version here. kpi.com on mobile