New Sales App Launched


We are pleased to announce that our new Sales app is released with new features, fresh user interface and a plenty of optimizations. We were inspired by the valuable feedback of our customers while developing this application. Let’s see what is included in this new app.

Manage Multiple Accounts – These days many companies have multiple accounts at which they want to access easily anytime they need using a mobile app. They have now this ability to access all their accounts by switching from one into another through their Profile page.


New Look and Improved Functionality – Compared to our old mobile application, the new has a complete new, optimized user interface inspired by the design of modern mobile apps. The new app provides all the basic functions that help the users to search any data, create easily a new lead or opportunity, modify and finally view all the necessary details of leads, opportunities, companies and contacts.


Kanban View – One of the valued features of the new mobile app is a Kanban View applied for leads, opportunities and tasks. Showing the assigned leads and opportunities in a pipeline, it makes it easy for users to see them in a categorized version by status or stage. The users have also the possibility to move the leads or opportunities from one category into another one using a drag and drop option which also helps the users to change the order of certain values in a pipeline.


See Sales Notifications – It is now possible to view all the sales related notifications in the Notifications section were the users will be kept updated about any submissions, requests or approvals.


Download the app now from Google Play or App Store. We look forward to hearing your feedback.




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