Kendah Pest Control partners with to embrace a paperless workflow

Kendah Pest Control is one of the largest pest control service providers in the UAE. The company has offices located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Fujairah with more than 15 years of experience dedicated to protecting customer’s home and business with an environmentally friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest control. Kendah Pest Control is a sole-proprietorship type of business, owned and run by a U.A.E. National. The company has a staff of 100+ employees.

The Problem:

  1. Service management team had to fill out a number of forms manually. The checklist forms were signed by customers as a confirmation of the services provided, including the list of utilized materials.
  2. It took managers hours/days to prepare monthly consolidated reports and sales invoices for corporate clients based on the records.
  3. Inability of service staff members to fill out the forms online, thus it had to be done by office members after collecting the forms from the service crew.
  4. The reports for clients were generated initially in Excel sheets and then converted to MS Word documents – firm blanks.

Solution: Project Management module with custom forms and field management features allowed Kendah Pest Control to implement all of the online views for checklist forms that the company needed and even integrate them with task management, so the tasks are now assigned to service team members automatically. Also same forms were replicated in the mobile app, in that case service team was able to easily fill out the forms on site, get the client confirmation with signature capturing form, client rating and automatically generate the PDF hard copy of the forms, which automatically attached to the tasks in the backend and sent to client by email (signed version).

Since service team was populating everything onsite, including the materials consumed, services provided, pests noted and even capturing the photos of the activities completed. All that data has been automatically recorded in the reports and sent straightly to operational board. Thus, PM module helped to eliminate manual processes completely and automate the workflow, allowing managers to generate and wire the reports to the clients by email or upload them in the system, so the last one would be able to use the client access feature.


“KENDAH has been using KPI.COM over the past 4 years utilizing CRM, ACCOUNTING, HR, PAYROLL and DASHBORDING applications. This had made our working environment advance and efficient in delivering months end data’s for comparison and improvement.”

“Last year, KPI.COM assisted us to create tailored/customized Project Management solution and integrated Mobile app for our current workflow software to make KENDAH operations fully paperless”