How HR Departments Use Social Media

When it comes to the workplace, there is something of a love/hate relationship with social media. When used improperly, it can become a drain on productivity, with some employees feeling that it is more important to update their status than finish an important report. Those folks don’t tend to stay on the job very long, though, as HR departments are usually on top of such activities. Keeping an eye on how employees conduct themselves on social media platforms is just one way in which HR can track productivity and also potentially hire new people.  The reality is that social media is a truly effective tool when used properly, and we have a few great examples of how it can help a busy HR department.

Easy to communicate with other departments and employees – If there is some important piece of company business that quickly needs to be shared with everyone, social media is the way to go. Changes to company procedures, potential emergency situations, and a host of other important details can quickly be passed along using social media, with special accounts often set up for this exact purpose.


Building brand awareness – For most businesses, this is why social media accounts are now considered an absolute must. Not only is it good to show consumers that your company is one that cares about the community, it’s also a great way to showcase your charitable side to potential new hires. The younger generation entering the workforce take these types of social activities seriously and will often actively seek out companies that display their passionate, caring side.



Employee recognition – Keeping the company running smoothly very often begins by keeping your employees happy. Everyone likes a little pat on the back every now and again, which is why HR departments will very often use social media to recognize the hard work performed by their employees. These announcements could be something as simple as wishing a “Happy Birthday” to a worker, or something more substantial, such as presenting an award for a job well done on a specific project.



Weekly updates – Social media posts are more likely to gain attention if they come at a set time every week. This is why HR departments are now in the habit of creating weekly blog posts that feature all sorts of great information. These posts are a great way to engage employees and get them in on the conversation about a variety of different subjects. It’s also very often how HR departments pick up new ideas from the workforce, as people are more inclined to speak up and give their opinion in a settling that is a little more casual.


These are just a few of the ways in which an HR department can use social media accounts to make their job a little easier. Social media is also a great place to go to research new trends and updates in their specific industry, which can help keep the company relevant with the buying public.