How bots are revolutionising customer service

Customer service has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Today, you’re more likely to come across a chat bot than you are an actual human being. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because customers love artificial intelligence. In fact, AI is revolutionising customer service through the likes of chat bots on websites, messengers, and mobile apps.

Here’s why bots are becoming an increasingly popular tool for businesses and consumers alike.

Bots are open 24/7

Websites skyrocketed because they were open 24/7 and customers didn’t need to worry about seeing a “closed” sign on the door of their favourite shop. It allowed, and still does to this day, to make purchases from the comfort of their home without any interruptions. Opening times aren’t an issue in 2019.

Chat bots take this to the next level because they offer information as well as accessibility. Now, a customer can ask questions and get answers in real-time. All the software needs is Natural Language Processing technology that lets the bot respond. As a result, modern shoppers expect zero borders when it comes to asking and getting responses to their queries.

Businesses that don’t provide this feature will experience a high bounce rate as consumers will use another platform.

Bots stand out from the crowd

Imagine running a restaurant where you’re competing with hundreds of other eateries in a five-mile radius. To survive, you need to stand out from the crowd, and bots offer this opportunity. Due to their ability to answer questions in a matter of seconds, they solve problems that you can’t on your website.

There are thousands of snippets of information that customers want to know, and bots provide the answers without clogging up your site. Whether it’s opening times or food allergies, it’s all available by interacting with the messenger app that pops up when they land on the homepage.

Aside from putting out fires, this makes customers take notice. They want a quick and accessible service that is easy to use, and chat bots make it possible. Customer service is about standing out from the crowd, and businesses do that, with the help of bots, by being more comprehensive.

Bots connect efficiently

Did you know that 84% of messenger bot messages are opened by the persons receiving them? Compared to email marketing, this is an increase of 50%, which is very significant. Of course, the decline of email blasts has a part to play, but the main reason is down to messenger bots.

Firstly, everyone who receives an alert is a subscriber. Although this is the case with email blasts, lots of people don’t value their email address and will sign-up to anything. After all, they can mark it as “read” without any hassle. The majority of people that subscribe to messengers want the information they provide. Secondly, bots are adjustable. From websites to mobile apps, customers can take advantage of them regardless of their preferences.

As a result, bots are hassle-free and require little to no effort whatsoever. Modern customer service has to ensure it’s not cumbersome if it wants to keep up with the pace bots are setting.

Bots store data

Data is an essential tool for businesses that operate in the 21st-century. Now, everything is an indicator of how customers think and feel about a product or service. Thanks to a greater insight into the mind of consumers, you can tweak your offerings to encourage them to buy more or make more conversions. However, to do it, you need the data.

Once inside a bot, everything the user inputs is instantly collected and stored for future use. If this seems creepy, it’s not because the information is provided willingly. If anything, it’s for the sake of your customer base as you can personalise the experience, making it more enjoyable. Whether it’s targeted ads or products, personalisation cuts out the need to waste time scrolling through things they don’t require.

In a world where the average person doesn’t have the time or patience to wait, bots are providing timely service.

Bots add independence

Standard chat bots are pieces of software that are programmed to answer frequently asked questions. They are limited as they struggle with anything that steps over this purview. Thankfully, artificial technology allows them to take on new responsibilities and transform into virtual assistants.

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for customers to send documents such as receipts and expenses via a mobile app. By interacting with bots, and getting the answers they need, the customer service experience has become more independent. Consumers don’t have to wait in line to solve a problem – they can do it with the help of a virtual assistant.

Businesses that make their customer experience strategy an independent service should make their customers happy. After all, most people don’t want to rely on others.

Bots are popular

Although they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, chat bots have grown to the extent where customers prefer having them to not having them. According to Chat Bots Life, 55% of customers prefer to interact with a business via a chatbot. Fireworx backs that up by reporting that only 11% of customers have a negative view of bots as a whole.

These are two of the reasons 80% of the world’s companies are expected to invest in artificial intelligence by 2020. Essentially, bots have revolutionised customer service to the point where the majority of shoppers want to use them. This means businesses can’t afford to omit them from their digital strategy. If you do, then you run the risk of frustrating consumers and encouraging them to bounce.

Brands are shifting focus to providing more personalized, comprehensive, and timely service, and they are doing it through chat bots.


Bots have and are continuing to revolutionise customer service by providing people with a seamless method of engagement. By making the experience more personalised and time-efficient, it is now an incredibly comprehensive service. And, consumers expect this standard across the board from every company with which they engage.