KPI Software and HMRC

That sharing “user audit data” (mentioned below) with HMRC is required for the purpose of filing VAT Returns to HMRC through KPI Software in order for HMRC to be able to:

  1. Keep your data private, secure, and safe.
  2. Ensure that your data is secured from people who are attempting to use your data fraudulently or criminally,
  3. Criminal activity prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution

That HMRC will receive the following user audit information with my use of KPI Software:

  1. My/our Public IP address
  2. My/our device’s public TCP port
  3. My/our Time zone
  4. My/our device’s screen information which includes the width, height, scaling-factor and colour-depth
  5. My/our device’s window size which includes the width and the height
  6. My/our device’s JavaScript-reported user agent string
  7. My/our browser’s Do-no-track configuration.

That the following actions, that I/we perform in KPI Software, will initiate MTD API calls:

  1. Generating VAT Return
  2. Viewing VAT Return
  3. Finalising VAT Return
  4. Submitting VAT Return
  5. Fetching VAT payments from HMRC

That as long as my/our organisation’s account is active, KPI Software will keep the user audit data it shared with HMRC for future reference and bug-fixing purposes

That, in addition to the user audit data listed in Section 4, (i) KPI Software may be obliged by HMRC to share new categories of user audit data with HMRC. (ii) KPI Software will inform me/us of such sharing of additional categories of user audit data with HMRC by revising these Terms and Conditions.