Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Bookkeeping

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is easily one of the top priorities of a company. You want to ensure what is brought in is necessary and beneficial, while monitoring expenses so they stay in line with forecasts. Running a business takes a large amount of time and many individuals underestimate that number. As a consequence, you may skip documenting purchases that day or reconcile a week or two past when you normally would.

Keeping a watchful eye on your bookkeeping is critical, but if you feel that you are falling behind, you should research the use of a virtual assistant. This individual can work similar to a contractor, or hired for a set amount of hours each week. The goal here is for you to maintain close contact with your financial records, but utilize the skills of another to keep them organized.

Hiring Process 

Now that you’ve identified you may require a virtual assistant, you should begin your search. You can either work your network of contacts or utilize websites such as Upwork.com. The method of how you find a VA is not as important as the quality of the individual.

From there, you can being asking the typically questions of work history, experience using your accounting system, and so on. The hiring process should be thorough because this individual will likely have access to large amounts of financial data.

Accounting System 

Beyond the hiring process, you will want to ensure your accounting software allows for multiple users and remote access. When hiring a virtual assistant, there is a high probability the individual is not local. As previously stated, it would be beneficial to find someone who has experience in this area as it will make training much easier.

You will also have to ensure your software can work on the various operating systems. Many individuals run Windows, but Apple has iOS and other details that your software may have to meet. Ensure this is in the application should you make the opening available to the public.

Beyond those steps, you may want to look at certified individuals such as a CPA. This will bring a level of comfort to your decision making process. If you find yourself stuck, reach out to your current accountant, as they may know individuals as well. As previously stated, take your time during the hiring process.

Hiring a virtual assistant may be one of those decisions after you make the switch; you’ve wondered how you were able to carry on the old way. Again, the emphasis here is not to walk away completely from monitoring your books, but rather let someone else take the task of data entry off your plate. It is still up to you to determine if the numbers are of satisfactory levels and how to adjust them if the need arises.