Welcome to the new edition of Reporting System Guidebook.

This Guidebook is designed to instruct you through Reporting System features and it is the primary
assistant in case, you have any frustrations using the system tools. Reporting System User`s Guide contains information on getting to know and using the system features.
  • ‘Getting Started’ views the whole map of Reporting System to make easier the management
    of creating and working with reports.
  • ‘Report Management’, describes how to manage reports of the whole system.
  • ‘Creating Reports’ section provides you with the step-by-step diagram which instructs you
    through several steps to run a report.
  • ‘Report Exporting’ fully describes how to export reports from Reporting System.
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    GETTING STARTED Reporting System is the best way to get the reporting done and the smartest way to manage your
    projects, customers, employees and the entire business. It certainly helps a lot in budgeting and planning,
    analyzing sales and purchasing. Without much hard work, it consumes less of your time. It is beneficial for
    all types of companies and organizations for the purpose of generating reports where the business
    statistics flow a lot.


    You can access to Reporting System by copying and pasting the following web address on your
    address bar since you are logged in:


    In the Report Folders list, you can find created folders in the system. Running a report depends on the
    folder you choose since all data is extracted from that section. You can directly Modify and Delete the
    folder you choose. Besides, you can add a new folder by clicking on the Add New Folder button.


    To import your data, write the name of your data type in the Import Your Data section, choose template
    category and click on the Choose File button and Upload it.

    REPORT MANAGEMENT Report Management was designed to improve your productivity and value, save your company
    budget, and make your job easier than it is now. Due to the constant reporting in some businesses, there
    have been developed several ways of gathering data to compile reports. So, let’s get started managing our


    To view the existing reports created by other employees/users of the system/organization, you need to
    scroll down the page of Reporting System and click on the Run buttonfrom Actions of Public/Private


    It is very easy to edit the reports in your reports list. You need to click on the Modify button from Actions
    of Folders part.


    To delete a report, you need to click on the Delete button which is found from Actions of Folders part.


    To clone a report, click on the Clone button from Actions of Folders folder.

    The screenshot illustrates other options regarding the Save Custom Report. Click on the Schedule/i>, choose
    recurrence type, repeats, choose an e-mail template and share it with other employees.


    Compiling a report is as easy as one, two, three but you need several minutes to do so. You are advised to
    go through several steps indicated above your screen while creating a report.


    You will be given several options and it’s up to a report type you are going to create. Select the type of data
    from Accounting and Finance, CRM, Project Management, Surveys & Polls and HRMS sections.


    The next step is selecting the report type. You will be given two options: either Tabular Report or Summary
    Report. The former type of report is the fastest and easiest way to list your data. From the latter report
    type you will be able to view data with subtotals and other summary information.

    If you want your report to be in Summary format, you will be asked to Select Grouping. Since you have
    done standard grouping, click on the Next button that is located in the bottom right of the page.


    On this page, you need to choose columns to include in your report. You are able to set those selected
    columns by order.


    In this section, you need to select Standard Summary Fields by clicking on theSelect All button.


    In Chart Settings, there is a list of Chart Types. You can select any kind of chart (Bar chart, Pie chart,
    Horizontal Bar, etc
    ) as regards to the type of your report.

    Other columns as Chart Preview and Chart UI Settings will perform their own duties after selecting
    appropriate type of chart.


    Select Filter section views three types of rows:
  • Advanced Filter
  • Limit Rows Count
  • Report Actions


    We are here in several minutes as we decided a while ago. Click on the Run Report button and see what
    does the compiled report look like?

    You can export the reports as CSV and PDF formats

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    4) What features were useful in this manual?
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