Essential CRM Support Tools you need in 2018

Essential CRM Support Tools You Need in 2018

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are often used by businesses to better interact with their customers as well as keep the information of each customer. This allows big and small companies alike to thrive in this ever-changing business market. Recent technological innovations like Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence have further caused an increase in the expectations of customers for businesses.

It is therefore of utmost importance that any business interested in growing should embrace the new trends in CRM systems to fully take advantage of the opportunities that abound in the market today.

CRM support tools are tasks and utilities that the CRM system performs to help accomplish the set goals. You should know that using the right support tools could spell the difference between business success and failure. So, let’s look at 5 CRM tools you need in 2018.

Intelligent Automation

The intelligent automation support tools help businesses exceed their limitations when it comes to customer relationship. With this support tool, you can automate and track various workflows and processes. An excellent idea is a chatbot that interacts with your customers and deals with their problems in real time.

Intelligent Call Routing

It is quite difficult for a company to have expert personnel in all things. Some may even say impossible. Therefore, it is essential that you have representatives that specialize in certain areas, and mechanisms to hasten the interaction with customers. The intelligent call routing tool helps to segment customer complaints to the representatives that will handle them. This saves a lot of time and improves customer satisfaction.

Automated Lead Management

As your business grows, some tasks that used to be a breeze to complete just become more tedious. This makes sense as the more significant the size of your business, the more data, and paperwork you have to handle. It is therefore imperative that you automate as many of these tasks as possible so that you can improve the general efficiency of your business. Lead management automation uses a system that collects customer information for the database.

Automated Deal Management

Your CRM system should be able to make simple sales related activities. Time management is pretty essential for the growth of any business and managing deals swiftly and efficiently is an excellent way to manage time. Also, processes like deal tracking, managing accounts, and forecasting profits should also be automated. This tool helps you complete routine processes accurately and speedily.

Follow-up Support Function Automation

Another support tool for CRM that is relevant in 2018 is the follow-up support tool. The CRM records marketing metrics and sales for every record of the customer generated. The tool then tracks the customer preferences, so that the information can be used to serve the customer better.

Final thoughts

Many companies assume that having a functional CRM system is enough. This is a rookie move, and it is a mistake. Incorporating various support systems to your CRM system will help maximize the benefits of using CRM. This then leads to a noticeable increase in the growth rate of your company. The tools highlighted here will help you form an excellent growth strategy for your business in 2018.