Changing Environment of Recruitment - How to Adapt

Changing Environment of Recruitment – How to Adapt

There is no denying the fact that for the first time in years, the trend in recruitment of employees has taken a complete 180 degrees turn. Gone are the days where employees had to worry about companies hiring them; we are witnessing perhaps the first generation that is capable of choosing its own preferred company of employment and not the other way around. With a vast group of companies in almost all the fields ready to hire new talent, the balance of power has shifted in the hands of talented individuals now, rather than bossy CEOs. Not to mention the fact that if the employee is not content with your policies and behavior, for the first time ever, the employee has full independence to reject your offer and apply somewhere else.

Such a phenomenal change in the recruitment landscape might seem a bit concerning to newer companies that have just stepped in into the business and are looking for potential workers in their field, however, the power has not completely shifted in the hands of the employees. There are still certain ways and methods we can adopt, as employers, in order to attract the attention of valued employees – certain strategies which make our business appear at the top of their “to apply” list.

The first step, indeed, is simplicity. The modern generation is more used to simplicity than complex recruitment processes that destroy their interest. First impression is the last impression and while complex processes may make you appear more professional, it is a matter of fact indeed that it makes them concerned about the fact that if the recruitment is this complex, what lies ahead inside the company. Indeed, even according to a survey, more than 60% of the candidates lost their interest due to job applications being too complex for them to totally understand in first glance. With many more and easier alternatives available, it is only agreeable that one should try at a place with an easier welcome. Using updated systems of recruitment can fix this issue. Constantly test your recruitment system. If it takes a lot longer than expected, check to see which process is more complex. Reduce the time required for that particular portion and make it more elegant. Unnecessary processes should be removed from the entire equation. Additionally, 5-10 minutes is considered a typical time for such a process.

Another factor which throws candidates away or makes them resign in the middle of the period is the handling of the candidates. In the old days of our parents and grandparents, in every office, candidates and workers were just considered an additional number – hands on deck who are only there to work and earn their wage and therefore, were treated as such. Even Charlie Chaplin made a mockery out of this attitude in his well-received film: Modern Times which, much to his dismay, gave him the label of a “communist sympathizer” in the USA. However, in the modern times, if we are to expect productivity, the only way towards it is valuing each and every hand that works for you. Each and every candidate should be the front and center, should be reminded that he/she’s front and center, and should be considered a core factor of the company. This means all of their concerns should be immediately questioned. An authentic conversation should be established between the workers and their seniors – they should be reminded that their input is valued.