Project Budget Report example

One of our clients – NetCorp Optima (NCO) project managers of which wanted, while leading a project, to get answers to questions such as: What is the current status of the project?, How is the project going?, What are the important issues we should worry about?, What is the progress of task “abc”?, What is the budget, actual amounts, resources?, etc. It was more than possible for the company to get answers to these questions on a regular basis using’s feature of custom Excel Reports with Custom Design. An Excel Report provides all main information about a project in a snapshot, hence, leading to an informed decision making process during the project execution.
custom budget report

Download a sample Excel Project Budget Report

Report Design with MS Excel – Intelligent Formulas, Custom Design, Print Version, etc.

After customizing Report, NCO were able to design complex reports in a simple way, by themselves. The ability to export in Excel format let them modify the pieces of information of their reports according to sales situations, as well as improve the visual appearance. In addition, NCO could use Excel’s intelligent and powerful formulas, where the company can set up any kind of reports with custom formula. Reports module of is compatible with MS Excel Pivot Table and VBA Programming.

“It used to take over 15+ hours a week to generate specific reports. With, all the data is right there and we are able to generate some amazing reports instantly. Now we have a clear picture and insights of all the client service projects and it results in better decision making, while reducing costs and saving a lot of time.”- Fred Dillard NetCorp Optima

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  • Reports integrated with MS Excel. Excel has powerful intelligent formulas, using which users can set up any kind of reports with custom formula (e.g Sum, Average, Sumproduct, Max, Look Up, Arrays, etc.). Advanced Reports are also available through MS Excel Pivot table, Formulas and VBA Programming.
  • Multi-overlay, exporting multiple layouts in a single file
  • Saving reports on, manage and share
  • Easy Data Access
  • Online/Cloud Access to all your Reports. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Reports supports Microsoft Excel Dashboard Charts, Summary and Tabular reports

Download a sample Excel Project Budget Report

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