Cloud Alternative to Tally Accounting Software

Cloud Alternative to Tally Accounting Software



Manage accounts receivable by project, tasks and department. Add credit notes to your cancelled invoices or product returns. You can setup recurring invoice schedules and set up automatic invoice reminders for customers who do not pay on time and reduce the cash flow outage.



Add purchase requests, purchase orders and get approval from managers. The received purchase order items can be converted to purchase invoice automatically. You can pay your suppliers by cash or by bank and register them in accounting software. You can customize the templates and send emails right at


You can manage your fixed assets which drive significant value to your company. You can rack fixed asset costs and manage the depreciation over time. You can also consign some of your items and equipment to other companies and manage their costs over time.


PREDEFINED ACCOUNTING REPORTS has predefined accounting reports including balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss report and stock valuation. The report templates can be customized for your own company. Because is an integrated cloud solution, you can view sales and project budgets.


Gain control of the revenue and expenses associated with each project and job. Whether you are working on a contract basis or quote basis, makes it easy to analyze where you stand financially on each job. Employees can easily report their expenses by project. You can easily allocate work hours to your employees.


ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE OFFERS THE FOLLOWING FEATURES offers fully functional accounting software for non-profit organizations. We use for our operations in the office. Being the low cost solution, the software is customisable. We customised a lot of accounting reports and procedures under Australian legislation. The support team is always helpful.

Sales Quotes and Approvals

Inventory Management

Custom Layouts

Multiple Companies

Fixed Assets Management