project and resource management

Kpi.com’s Project and Resource Management is an intuitive and flexible tool that allows managing your projects from initiation to execution. It seamlessly encompasses all necessary features required by managers, easily integrating with other parts of the system. Either small or big, projects can be delivered effectively, with kpi.com’s innovative technologies of tracking and reporting capabilities.

Fill out timesheet and submit for approval

As soon as you assign employees to tasks, they can fill out timesheet to corresponding tasks and submit timesheet for project manager’s approval. The timesheet hours are colorized: black hours show successfully registered time, orange hours show waiting for approval, green hours show approved time and red hours show rejected time.

online project based timesheet management


To submit your timesheet for approval, click on the Actions on top of the Timesheet page and choose “Submit for Approval” option, then choose hours and proceed.

Then your project manager will receive an email notification about your submission of timesheet. So he will then go to Timesheet Approval section and review your timesheet.

If you do not want to follow the Timesheet Approval process, you can just swtich on the Automatic Approval option from the Project Management settings which approves any registered hour and marks as red.