Resource Utilization

project and resource management
Overview’s Project and Resource Management is an intuitive and flexible tool that allows managing your projects from initiation to execution. It seamlessly encompasses all necessary features required by managers, easily integrating with other parts of the system. Either small or big, projects can be delivered effectively, with’s innovative technologies of tracking and reporting capabilities.

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The Resource Utilization tool helps project managers see how their employees are allocated with work. Note that this tool is not available by default and can be activated up your request.

It compares estimated time given with employee’s timeslot hours and categorizes them as Over Allocated, Optimally Allocated, Under Allocated with specific hours.

Project Resource Utilization


It also shows Holidays, Leave Requests and Task Duration. Another advantage of using the Resource Utilization is the ability to see timeslot hours and timesheet hours in one place. Furthermore, export option, filter by employee and department options are available allowing users manage the tool more effectively.