Message Center (built in email inbox)

Customer Relationship Management and Sales


As part of the suite, CRM integrates seamlessly with the other functions allowing you a single view of the relationship. All the interactions between them are stored in one place and can be shared. You can move a contact through the sales cycle to a customer with a project, initiating quotes, proposals and invoices, making purchases of inventory and shipment when a sale is made, recording partnership and supplier relationships whilst managing the financial transactions.

Inbox, Sent Mail and Drafts

If you have activated your Message Center, it will show all your messages fetched from your email account. To learn how to activate your Message Center, please look through the wiki article here.

You can integrate more than one email account and choose which one to open from the dropdown on top of the page.

You can compose emails, reply to senders and convert them into cases manually and move them to trash.

Message Center - built in email inbox