Custom Reports

reporting and dashboard


You can easily create different reports based on your data in the application as well as filter the report and draw graphs and charts for visual comparison. Besides, the reports can be exported to PDF or Excel which makes them helpful to use and backup your data. The default reports are also available on Accounting and Finance, CRM and Project Management that save your time from creating the report yourself.

Timesheet and Staff availability reports

To access the Custom Reports, click on the More button from the top menu and select “Custom Reports”. Most of the customers use these default reports to view timesheet and staff availability. The advantages of these reports are filtering and grouping options as well as the ability to view based on user role. Once results are loaded you can generate the Excel and PDF versions easily.

custom timesheet report


Another report available on this page is the Performance Appraisals report the data of which is pulled from the HRMS module. You can select date range, select columns, filter and group in one place and view results. You do not have to go to Reporting module and search for these simple reports from variety range of reports but just go to Custom Reports page and access necessary information.