Attendance Tracking

Human Resources Management System and Payroll

Overview Human Resource Management System encompasses all organizational HR needs with innovative ways of handling performance management, attendance tracking, goal management and employee record-keeping.

Attendance Reports, Leave Requests and more

The Attendance Tracking section of the HRMS module is a very handy tool to manage the attendance of employees. Here you can view a consolidated report of all employee’s attendance per months, manage leave requests, view and change staff in/out hours and set up leave allowance for each employee.

attendance tracking


My attendance tab shows currently logged in user’s attendance reports such as In/Out reprt, Employee Leave Status in a graph form, user’s timeslot and calendar, and the short list of latest leave requests.

my attendance


Using the Attendance Tracking subsection, the HR manager or Administrator can view the timeslot hours and change the status of any user to In, Out, or Lunch to record the current state of the attendance since sometimes, not all employee can have access to the system while working and therefore cannot record their status. So this page enables managers to set up correct status of employees attendance.