Systematic record-keeping, recruitment, attendance tracking and productivity monitoring

Running a business successfully involves having a proactive and highly efficient HR Management system in place. From hiring new talent, creating goals for employees to achieve, keeping them motivated, maintaining employee records and conducting regular training sessions, these are just some of the many functions that HR personnel are actively engaged with. With multi-tasking being the key to any HR Department functioning at optimum levels,’s HR Management tool offers a dynamic and robust software system, which will streamline and enhance the functioning of this critical department in any business


HRMS Overview

Using’s HR Management System will encompass all your business’s HR requirements which include recruitment, performance management, attendance tracking, employee records and goal management. Recruiting and monitoring employee performance and enhancing  employee development, while promoting better communication for both the employees and management, are some of the main benefits of using this software. It also adds to the transparency of organizational functioning, while offering employees access to their personal information and improving employee and management co-ordination.


HRMS consists of 5 modules which include organization management, employee profile, performance appraisals, attendance tracking. All employees have access to HRMS system to view and edit their own information while HR Managers and administrators can handle the whole organization related tasks.

Integration with Payroll and other modules offers an innovative and cost-effective integrated solution which can be used in overall staff management. One of the key benefits is that HR personnel have a clear and precise picture of an employee’s availability at any given time, through its attendance tracking feature. The leave request facility helps to plan work schedules and gives an accurate picture of availability status of employees on any given day, at any location. Attendance tracking is of immense use as it is integrated with payroll, which makes it relatively easy to calculate the monthly salary from the number of hours worked.  An added plus is if a business operates in different locations, their activities can be classified separately location wise. The HR Administrator can pre-set user roles as per employee’s designation and job profile, while allowing them access only to personal performance data and goal setting. An added advantage  is employees who are added to this section can also be found in all other modules of the system.

Benefits of using HR Management system

  •     Easy to follow being intuitive  and simple to use
  •     Detailed reports can be generated in PDF and Excel format
  •     Excludes the need for maintaining paper documentation
  •     Provides easy access to employee profiles with attendance tracking, expense claims, performance appraisals and related data
  •    Cost-effective, increases employee efficiency and engagement HRMS customer reviews


It's a nice tool to register and monitor a lot of projects where you have many users involved. I helps to keep you track of your tasks, as well as your employees tasks....

Jorge Rodolfo Sanchez de la Garza