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Introduction Human Resource Management System encompasses all organizational HR needs with innovative ways of handling performance management, recruitment, attendance tracking, goal management and employee record-keeping. Develop the potential of all your employees by monitoring their performance and regulating them with team leaders and directors. Now employees have a better transparency over the contribution they make to organizational development and can now communicate their carrier goals with managers directly.


How is it integrated with other sections?

HRMS system is an integrated solution, where you can do performance appraisal on employees' goals. Also, based on user roles you set in this section, your users will have access levels to the system. Employees added in this section can be also visible in the Project Management and Payroll modules.


HRM actions

HRMS consists of 5 modules which include organization management, employee profile, performance appraisals, attendance tracking. All employees have access to HRMS system to view and edit their own information while HR Managers and administrators can handle the whole organization related tasks. HRMS customer reviews


It's a nice tool to register and monitor a lot of projects where you have many users involved. I helps to keep you track of your tasks, as well as your employees tasks....

Jorge Rodolfo Sanchez de la Garza

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