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How do I use Sales Orders?

How do I use Sales Orders?

There are three steps in the process of using a sales order.

  1. Fill out the sales order or convert from sales quote.

a)      At the time a customer places an order, you fill out a sales order with the customer information and a line item for each product and service ordered.

b)      Once your Sales Quote approved by Customer, you convert to Sales Order.

  1. Fulfill the sales order.

Fulfilling the sales order is simply getting the products or services to your customer.

Inventory: If you’re providing a product you keep in inventory, you can print a pick list from the sales order so you know exactly what to pull from inventory to fulfill the order. If you need to package the products for shipping, you can also print a packing slip from the sales order.

Service: If you’re providing a service, schedule the service provider.

  1. Convert to the invoice.

The last step in completing the sale is converting the sales order to an invoice.

Sales Order

When you create and fill out a sales order, you haven’t recorded the sale—you’ve only recorded the information you need to fulfill the order. The sale is recorded only after you create an invoice. For example, items you sell are not deducted from inventory until you create an invoice based on the sales order.

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