Payroll Welcome

The Payroll Welcome page lets you perform several function such as maintaining employer settings, adding new starter, making payments & issue payslips and other functions.

Maintain Employer Settings

The Employer Settings function is located in the Payroll Settings where you can maintain your employment. You need to fill in the necessary fields such as employer PAYE reference, check pay date, provide e-file submission details and save the form.

Add New Starter

To add a new starter, go to the Payroll Welcome page and click Add New Starter. Now, you need to fill in the fields for the employee details, payment settings and payroll settings, and then save the form after you have finished this section. The information about the starter you have added will be saved in the list of Employees.

Make Payments & Issue Payslips

You are able to make payments & issue payslips using two features:

  1. The default page called Payroll Welcome gives you Make Payment & Issue Payslip option in the third step.
  2. You can also go to Payslips List and click the Add New function to make payments & issue payslips.

Now, you need to select employee name, payment method and period from the dropdown list which appears in the form. The finished form can be Previewed, Saved as Draft, Committed to P11, exported as PDF Version and seen as Gross Pay Calculator.

View Forms & Reports

If you are on the Payroll Welcome page, click View Forms and Reports, which then forwards you to theForms/Reports section. For more information about the types of forms, refer to Forms/Reports below.

View Employer P32

Employer P32 can be viewed through the Payroll Welcome page or the Forms/Reports section. These forms present the necessary figures that are recorded electronically once you paid to your employees.

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