Websites module is an integrated web-content management solution that allows to easily create and manage professional-looking websites. It is designed to create websites ranging from company profile to advanced business websites which can later be integrated with modules.

Creating and managing websites using the Website Management Module is very easy:

1. Choose one of the templates our software offers or suggest your own design of the website.


2. Add the website content, and if needed change the menu, website blocks and layout.

management3 3. Link it to your domain and the website is ready!

Here are some of the advantages of the Website Management tool:
  • We offer default templates customized for different business spheres
  • Enables you to maintain the content and features of your website even without technical knowledge
  • Websites created using our tool can be upgraded with e-commerce add-ons such as products, shopping cart and payment systems
  • The website can be integrated with which which enables to show items from your kpi account on your website and vice-verse, to store website data in your kpi account.
  • Websites created using this tool are adapted to mobile phone screens.
  • Since the website is created on’s base, you will not have to incur additional expenses for hosting.

Below are the examples of recent websites created.