Simple online accounting software. Custom templates.

Accounting Software

Send Invoice To Customers. Manage Accounts Receivable

Send project based invoice or sales invoice to your customers. Manage accounts receivable balance by customers. Set up automatic recurring invoices. You can also use progress invoicing feature for invoicing step by step. Custom invoice templates and pdf versions are available. You can send invoice to your customers by email. You can also add custom fields. You can also manage look and feel of your invoice documents by our simple template builder. Invoice approvals and project based budgets are available.

Accounting Software

Manage Purchase Orders, Suppliers and Accounts Payable

Purchase order requests and purchase order approvals give you an ability to analyze and manage purchasing needs which you might need for managing projects. You can send purchase orders directly to your suppliers through an email. Purchase orders can then be received into the inventory and then converted to purchase invoice. You can make payments to your purchase invoices through bank transfer and reconcile your bank statements. The system matches the bank statement items automatically with purchase invoice.

Accounting Software

Control Fixed Assets and their Depreciation

Fixed assets give a significant value to your company. Tracking and reporting the costs of the equipment and items you own in the office, you will be able to report your financial costs better. It is easy to add fixed assets in and to view their costs. Once the fixed assets are added and depreciation schedules are setup, it is very easy to run depreciation. The allows you to update your books automatically when you sell or dispose an item. The reporting tool gives you an accurate view of all your fixed assets including depreciation info and disposals.

Accounting Software

Get real time view of your cashflow and balance sheet

View the real-time balance of your accounts in a few clicks. allows you to get the real insights about your cashflow. The reporting tools gives you an ability to create reports based on your own company template. You can analyse the financial data between your companies and make consolidation of balance sheets between multiple companies. There are about 10 standard reports including balance sheet, profit and loss statement, inventory reports in the reporting tool. You can also manage budgets by project and sales.

Accounting Software

Explore financial costs of each project and job

Gain control of the revenue and expenses associated with each project and job. Whether you are working on a contract basis or quote basis, makes it easy to analyze where you stand financially on each job. Employees can easily report their expenses by project. You can easily allocate work hours to your employees and compare the planned and actual costs. The software allows you to include various administrative expenses, materials and employee hours to invoices which you send to your customers. You can then analyze the performance of each project based on the available financial data.

Integrated All-in-one Accounting Software

Inventory Management
Sales Quotes and Approvals
Custom Layouts
Multiple Companies
Fixed Assets Management
Project Management
Storefront Integration
Expense Claims
Bank Account Reconciliation

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Our contacts is More Than a Simple Software is a process oriented software which focuses on providing necessary tools for you and your employees to continuously improve and adapt their operations to changing environment conditions. The has the following benefits in comparison to other accounting solutions: