E-commerce Easily set up your products and services and start selling them online. Inventory and Warehouse management is part of the package!

Add products, sell online and receive payments

In a technology driven world where the Internet reigns supreme, it is imperative for medium and small companies to adapt their business for E-commerce, if they want to remain competitive. Kpi.com offers just the ideal solution for medium and small businesses, through its E-Commerce tool that makes managing processes from initiation to completion simple and cost-effective.

Kpi.com’s e-commerce tool is intuitive and flexible and manages any project with optimum efficiency. It offers all the necessary features required and all you need to do is sign up with Kpi.com, set up a store-front, add your products, sell online and receive payments via Paypal. It is registered in the system and the stock adjustment is automated. That means all invoice statuses are automatically updated and you can generate detailed reports at any time. To get a feel of the functioning of this software sign up for a free trial today!


Integration with other modules

Kpi.com’s E-commerce tool is synchronised with the Accounting and Financial Module, while providing users with the facility to conveniently display and sell items or services at the storefront. Every single transaction is automatically recorded and automated stock adjustments made in the inventory.



  • Create a market for niche products and a targeted audience
  • Cost-effective and economical as saves on overhead expenses
  • Offers 24/7 access to prospective clients across the globe


kpi.com E-commerce customer reviews

Ola Amin

We have been using kpi.com for HR & project management at Expansis for almost a year now. I find it to be a user-friendly, efficient and effective solution for tracking our employees' data, performance and projects. It ha...

Ola Amin