What are the benefits of using online accounting software?

You have a small business. You are all growing. If you think that it’s time to consider switching your accounting software, you can choose to switch to online accounting solutions from your old legacy desktop applications. You might think that it is not safe to use online alternatives. You might also think that they are costly. However, they offer a lot of benefits, that cannot be undervalued.  If you choose the right accounting software, it will help to grow your business.

Easy to Use User Interface

Web-based applications are designed to be useful. They are designed to be used by a lot of people, not only accountants. If you buy web based accounting software, you will enjoy usability and most importantly, you will be able to view reports, or post invoice yourself.


Online accounting systems offer additional layers of security, compared to desktop legacy systems.

Firstly, nobody will be able to access your files without your permission. Secondly, because the web-based applications are hosted in the cloud, your company will be free from worrying about physical damage caused to your computers and hardware. You can read about security provided by cloud applications here.

Thirdly, if you choose the right accounting software provider, you will not be worrying about stolen passwords or hacker attacks.


You might think that you will be paying more with SaaS model, but in fact, you won’t. Yes, your credit card will be charged every month. However, you will be saving on other things. Firstly, you will be saving on hiring an accountant who can use Quickbooks or other desktop software. Your web based accounting solution can be used by all accountants. Secondly, with web based ERP applications, such as kpi.com, you will not be worrying about integrating reports from one department to another. ERP applications support all your workflow needed, and there will not be a need to buy a separate accounting solution.

Real-time Information

You will be able to view what is happening with your company in real time. Knowing your financial position in real time, will help you to make better management decisions, thus, you can concentrate on providing excellent value for customers as a company.

There are lots of more benefits, including, improved customer service of cloud-based companies, and continuous upgrades.