System Enhancements for March 2015

We are pleased to announce that has launched its March upgrades for the modules such as CRM, Accounting & Finance, HRMS, Training center and Reporting. In this month, we worked hard to reinforce current features that we have in the system. Also, taking into account our clients’ requests and feedback; we added new features to the former sections and enhanced existing features. Accordingly, we greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do our best to implement new features and resolve the appeared issues as soon as possible.


Events added to automations settings – now users are able to create automation rules for events when they are added and updated in the system. System will send email/creat task/updat field when specific event is added or updated.

Accounting  & Finance

  • Adding expense claims for other employees – from this upgrade users with Accountant role can add expense claims to other employees in the Accounting & Finance section.
  • Search by part number – now users are able to search their inventories by their product number in the products tab.
  • Terms added to suppliers – now users can add terms to supplier and choose these terms while adding Purchase order & Purchase invoice to supplier.
  • Default Tax rate for supplier/customer – now users can assign tax rate for their customers/suppliers in customer center and this tax rate will be chosen automatically while adding sales quote/order/invoice and purchase order/invoice.


Unauthorized type of Leave Request added – this option enables users to add Unauthorized leave request which can be used when user is absent without any reason. If users add this Leave request to their employees, system will automatically add “Absent” to attendance sheet report.

Training Center

Student linkage – now users are able to link students to projects, clients, task and etc, using add new link option.

Reporting Engine

Reporting filter change – now users can use advanced filters directly from the reports without opening customize window. Also, all the filters applied in reports will be shown in the customize panel and users will not lose applied filters.