Updates to kpi.com | January 2015

Dear kpi.com users,

We are pleased to announce that kpi.com has launched its January upgrades for the modules such as Project Management, CRM, HR Management System, Payroll and to overall system. In this month, we worked hard to reinforce current features that we have in the system. Also, taking into account our clients’ requests and feedback; we added new options to the former sections. Accordingly, we greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do our best to implement new features and resolve the appeared issues as soon as possible.


Custom fields are added to Automation settings – we enhanced automation management and added custom fields. This feature gives users ability to create automation rules to the added custom fields when those custom fields are triggered.

Project Management

In this upgrade, you can notice that we’ve reinforced Resource utilization tool and made it more efficient to work with. Here you can familiarize yourself with the major improvements:

  • Filtering by project –while using Resource Utilization tool, you can filter form by project that enables you to view resource allocation for particular project.
  • Resource utilization added to project view – while working with particular project you can view its resource utilization tool on the project view itself.
  • Downloading excel version by chosen filters – this option enables users to generate excel file per chosen filters in kpi.com and helps to avoid wasting time on filtering the same in the excel file itself.


  • Upload file option added to candidate web form – using this feature users can add field to attach file and embed candidate form to their website. Once candidates fill in the form and attach their CVs, cover letters and other files, candidates will be added to candidate list with attachments on it.
  • Separate events for CRM events and Recruitment – now users’ CRM and recruitments events are separated and these events are not mixed in events tab.


  • Double approval for Group Payrun – for payroll section, we released double approval for Group Payrun. To enable this option you should activate it from payroll settings.


  • Browser history – starting from this release kpi.com supports browser history and you can use browser options like returning to previous/forward actions.