Evaluate your employee with the Performance appraisals in kpi.com

Performance appraisals are the primary tool for effective management and evaluation of the staff. They ensure development of the employees, improvement of organizational performance and helps to succession planning of the individual and as well as company. Performance appraisals section of the kpi.com enables managers to motivate their employees, by monitoring employee development in their career and providing regular review of an individual performance.

The primary features of the Performance Appraisals kpi.com offer:

  • Ready-made templates of the competencies
  • Users can create their own templates
  • Appraisals of the employees of the company is stored in the system
  • Rate the competency and goals of the employee
  • System will automatically calculate overall rate of the appraisal
  • Users can  add performance notes to the appraisal
  • Employees can see appraisals Waiting their review, their pending appraisals, draft appraisals and completed appraisals in allocated boxes for each status of the appraisal
  • Users are able to rate the goals of the employee
  • Initiate appraisals between manager and employees
  • Appraisal can be viewed in PDF

To add Performance appraisals go to HRMS >> Performance appraisals >> Simple appraisals list and click on Add new appraisals or in the Appraisals Archive list, click on New Employee Appraisal and the following window will appear:

Add appraisal

In this window, you will specify an employee whom you are going to add appraisal and a reviewer (manager of the employee) who will review the appraisal. Further, you can choose the template, which you have added before or create a new one by clicking on Add template and a form will appear with several fields. In the Name field, type the template’s name, then click on Add competencies, and choose competencies from the list.

Add templates












In the next step, you can point out the ratio of competencies and goals. If you point out that you will give ratios, you can indicate how much employee’s competency and the goal will weight in his appraisal. If you wish to add competencies to employee appraisal, click on Add competencies or Add competencies from the template. You can select competencies from the list and add to appraisals. After you have done with these steps, you can indicate weight of the goals and competencies, see the given score and weighted result.


Employee review

Note: Overall Competency and goal weight should match up to 100 and Given the score cannot be above 7.

Further, in the Assigned goals, you may Add Business Goals, Department Goals, Project goals and Personal goals to the appraisal. Previously added goals will be in the box. After you have done these steps, you can send it to your employee, to review the appraisal. The employee will see the appraisal in the Simple Appraisal’s list in Waiting for Your Review box.  When they click on the appraisal, the following window will appear:

Giving scores

In this form employee’s company name and department will be indicated with the name of the Assessment template. The ratio of competency and goal weight will be specified on the right hand of the page. In the Overall comments for this assessment, the employee can give his comments and reviews to the appraisal. Further, in the next boxes the employee is able to see his/her competencies ratio and rate of the specific competency. The employee will give his comments and send it to the reviewer (manager).

In the next step, the manager (reviewer) receives the analyzed appraisal of the employee and checks it another time. After he reviews the appraisal, he can “Approve and close”. Alternatively, manager modifies and adds comments to the appraisal, and then he can click on button Review and Submit it to Employee. This cycle will continue until manager and employee approve the appraisal or the manager may decide to approve and close it.