with Feature Updates and New Website UI| December 2012 has launched its December changes for modules as Project Management, CRM, HR Management System, Financials and Payroll. Further, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website which is full of new features, new imagery and updated information.

Project Management

PM Updates include:

  1. Project and Task e-mail notifications. Number and name of a task and project is shown in subject line. Please note that all notifications have been set off as default in the system. To enable them all, you need to go to the E-mail Settings.
  2. Improvements in Issue Management.  We have done some changes in this section as you may see the updated issue listing and a necessary option in Edit Issue. The project dropdown has been enabled on Edit Issue page. All needed improvements have been done on issues list. The Filter pane has also been corrected. Linkages functionality has been shown in Customisation panel.
  3. Approval of timesheet hours for Administrators. Aforetime, backup managers were able to approve the worked hours of employees’ and at present, Administrators can do so as well. All such developments have been done at the request of our users.
  4. Employee Code column. Once you open the Employees listing pane, you will see the column of Employee Code. Employees can be searched by the code as well as by their telephone number. You can customize the employee code numberings on the Settings page.


CRM Updates

  1. File Attachments. While sending an e-mail, you needed to re-upload the file to the system even if there was such document in it. Now, you can just choose the existing file from Document Management database and attach it to your message, lead or contact without leaving the page.
  2. Changes in Mass Mailing. This section lets you choose templates and attachments. New templates are added through the E-mail Settings.
  3. Message Center and sender. E-mail is linked to the contact that you sent it from.
  4. Help Buttons. On every page of the CRM module, there is a Wiki Help button that users can get necessary information from.


HRMS Enhancements

In HRMS, you can see the updated UI changes in Salary Grade and Dependents sections.


Financials and Payroll

  1. UI change in Payroll starter. We have updated the UI for Add, Edit and View pages of adding starter functionality. This type of change assists our developers to create custom forms for the users.
  2. QuickBooks. Now you can use as an interface to QB for data entry.
  3. Changes in Accounting Transactions. Once you are on this page, you can click on Payments link to see the payment transactions in detail and you can remove them using the Delete option.


Document Management

This month we have done a single but important change for this module which is the Backup Folder in System Folders. All data of a company including leads, contacts, etc. are saved automatically in this folder.


Moreover, you can see and use’s new Pricing page and its new calculator. On Signup page, visitors are able to see the new look of this page and choose their own language.


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