Our payroll module provides a comprehensive payroll management service to HR Managers and employees on all payroll related matters. HR Managers can make payments and deductions to employees, generate payslips and view various type of employee and employer tax reports. With employee self service features, employees can view their own payments, income taxes for various payment periods. Administrators and Directors can efile tax reports to HMRC (for UK companies) or view general payroll reports.


How is it integrated with other sections?

Administrators and HR Managers can use payroll and HRMS modules seamlessly with their daily operations.Payroll is tightly integrated with Accounting/Finance and HRMS modules. All distributed salaries are recorded and kept in journal/ledger accounts in Accounting module. All salary/bonus information is kept in HRMS - Employee Profile.

art_payroll_bann_2 Payroll customer reviews


"Our business had grown to the point where paper systems were too messy. provides a service that has allowed us to manage our information more efficiently and more accurately"....

Dave Mitchell, Geomatic Consulting International

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