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☰ Wiki sections Workspace is a very practical module that enables you to observe your workflow in an uncomplicated format and perform several functions on this page. it is easy to find Workspace from the right side.

To set up a company information, you have to press the blue button “Take me there” from the right side. With this button, you can input information about your company.

Widgets Available in My Workspace

You are able to navigate the following features:

CALENDAR – it forwards you to the business calendar page where you can add events, tasks and appoint meetings, views all projects, tasks, issues, etc within the specified time period (daily, weekly or monthly). You can also sync your Google Calendar with the system.

Sync Google Calendar with

Firstly, you need to link up your account to your Google account. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your Gmail account on the same browser that you opened Calendar tool.
  2. Click on Configure with Google function in the Calendar section. Select your Google account for configuring in the page that opens. Click Continue after selecting the account.
  3. Select the Grant access button to confirm the access. To deny the access, click on Deny access.
  4. By clicking on the Synchronize with Google button, you can transfer all events from Google Calendar to Calendar or choose a specific period to transfer.

Once you have completed the above steps, you have linked up your account with your Google account.

CONTACTS – this feature shows the list of all your contacts as CRM, client, supplier, employee and private contacts.

Add Contact on My Workspace

Go to the My Workspace section and find the Contacts feature in the first pane. Click Add a Contactfunction right there and provide information in fields such as owner name, contact’s full name, job title, e-mail address, etc. Once the form is completed, click Save & Close.

NOTES – this is a very convenient feature for you to leave task or project related notes for your employees.

Add Sticky Note 

A sticky note can be added using the Notes feature that is found in the first pane of My Workspace. Once you have opened the Notes page, you will see the button called Sticky in the list where you can add your own sticky notes.

NEWS – you can see the news of the company and add news by your own using this feature.

Delete Company News

Find the News function in the first pane that forwards you to the list of news. There, you will find the Removefunction in Actions dropdown with that you can delete the news.

UPDATES – Once you open this feature, you will see the list of all updates and filter them using the Filter function.

LEAVE REAQUEST – this function allows you to add a Leave Request directly from your Workspace panel without going into the HRMS section.

Finally, in the next pane, you will see the Help Desk where you can find tips and instructions on how to use the system tools.

The last subsection illustrates the Weather News widget. You can also choose any country and see the weather results.

The main pane contains overall information obtained from different modules as Project Management, CRM, Accounting & Finance and HRMS.


Agenda is a list of upcoming events and tasks related to your projects, company, or employees. You can set important reminders about meetings, interviews and conferences.

Edit Tasks/Events in Agenda

To edit the tasks/events in Agenda, click on one of the tasks and find the Edit function in the first pane on your screen.


Updates are the recent activities done by you and your peers through the system. They include all tasks you have added, completed, requests you have sent for approval or tasks you have been assigned.


This panel will help you provide the latest information about the company updates. Once you or your colleagues have added any public news, this will appear in the Company News panel where you can view the news details and leave comments.


With the help of the Project Progress Dashboard panel, you can view your current projects in detail. The progress statistic information will be viewed once you have filled in the project dashboard.


Project Involvement is a convenient panel that reflects the percentage of your projects. The information is presented as a pie chart.

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