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Leave Requests

The Leave Requests section within the Employee Profile shows all leave requests taken by an employee and the leave request statistics. Employees can view the status of their own leave requests for the year.

Leave Request statistics shows the figures only for the current year.

Default Timeslot

The Default Timeslot widget shows a schedule of an employee for the current year. Only administrators and HR managers are able to change the schedule for individual employee, and it can be done in the SettingsHRMS SettingsTimeslots.


The calendar widget shows the days reserved by the leave requests days and holidays.

Employee Leave Status

The widget displays the overall statistics of how many days are left in the employee’s leave allowance for the current year. Only the approved leave requests are calculated as the taken statutory leave days.

Latest Leave Requests

The widget shows all the latest leave requests of the employee with the leave request details. Pending Requests are the requests that are not yet approved by managers, while approved ones considered as permission to take the leave request and to calculate the leave days in statistics.

Add New Leave Request

To add New Leave Request as an employee, go to Add New Menu and choose the Leave Request option.

Fill in the following details in the Add New Leave Request window:

Employee – A member by default. Depending on your role, you can add leave requests for other employees as well.

Manager – Select the manager who will approve the leave request. By default, supervisors, department leaders, directors, administrators will appear in the list of the managers for the leave request approval.

Reason – Select the leave request reason from the available options.

Description – Short description of the leave request.

Type – Select the leave request type. If the leave request is paid, the leave request days are not subtracted from salaries in the payroll.

Start Date – Select the start date and time of the leave request.

End Date – Select the end date and time of the leave request.

Notification – Select employees who must be notified about your/employee’s absence.

You may attach additional documents providing justification for your absence.

Once all details are filled, click the Add Request button.

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