Company Goals

Company goals are strategic long terms goals that are defined in simple sentences, but do not have measurable targets yet. Strategic goals can then be broken down into specific and measurable department goals, business goals or project goals.

Company Goals

Add/Edit Company Goal

Administrators, HR Managers, Directors, Department leaders are able to add/edit company goals to the system.

In order to add company goal go to the Company Goals listing and click the New Company Goal, or go to the Add New menu and click the Company Goal link.

Company Goals

Fill in the following details when adding company goal:

Goal Title – Short title of the goal

Description – Short description of the goal

Validity Period – Choose the validity period of the goal.

Start Date – Choose when the goal should start

End Date – Choose the date when the goal should end

Outcome – Describe all outcomes of the company goal

Status – Choose the status of the goal

Attachments – Attachments related to goal. You can read about document attachments here.

Notes –Notes or additional information about strategic objective

Click Save & Close button to save the company goal.

Company Goals Action Menu

You can view the company goal summary, edit the goal, add notes to the goal, or remove the goal (administrators only) in company goal action menu.

Company Goals

Goal Notes

To add notes to your goal, click Notes link from the Action dropdown.

Enter following details in order to add notes:

Subject – the subject of the note

Description – full description of the note

Visibility – You can control the visibility of the notes.  Selecting the Public option makes your note visible to public, whereas the Private option hides the content from the public completely.

Company Goals


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