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Bonus Settings

The Bonus Settings define how employees will score under the forced distribution ranking percentage schemes. Once the bonus settings are defined, the appraisal scores are calculated according to the forced distribution ranking schemes.

here are 4 scores in the Forced Distribution Ranking Scheme – scores A, B, C, D. You can define the bonus distribution settings – how much salaries will A employees and B employees get, you can define how much employees should score in order to be in the A category.

Add Bonus Settings
 While adding the bonus settings to the system, the following fields need to be defined:

Financial Year – The drop-down displays all “Bonus Type” validity periods added in HRMS Settings  – Validity Periods. You can define your own validity periods here.

Budget ID – The field is used for information

Budget Amount for the Year – Choose the budget amount for the financial year or the indicated bonus type of the validity period.

Enable Forced Distribution Ranking – If the forced distribution ranking is enabled, the Department Leader will not be able to send all period appraisals for approval, unless the performance appraisal scores fit the forced distribution ranking percentages.

Bonus Distribution – Define how many basic salaries employees will receive depending on their scores. For example, if A score employees receive 3 basic salaries as the bonus, write 3 to A field, etc…

Score Percentage Ranges – Define how much employees should score in order to get A, B, C, D scores. You should define the scores from 0 to 100 and the score percentage ranges cannot overlap.

Forced Distribution Ranking Percentage – Define how much bonus employees will get from bonus pot under forced distribution ranking percentage. For example, if employees score A, they will get 35% of the bonus pot.

Remainder Bonus Distribution – The remainder bonus distribution percentages if there is a remainder.

To receive more training on forced distribution ranking percentages, please contact Support Team.

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