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Add-ons Library

You can request for add-ons in Accounting and Finance, Settings, Add-Ons menu. add-ons library, where you can tweak and gear the application towards your needs. Each add-on comes with an additional monthly fee. After you request an add-on for your account, sales team representative will contact you and assist with setting up the feature in your company account.

Add-ons Library

Multiple Warehouse – Easily manage multiple warehouses and item locations by enabling this feature.

Serial Number Track – Attach serial numbers when receiving and selling items and be on top of serials via reports.

Landed Cost – Allocate expenses to your purchase items to arrive at better cost per item.

Double Tax – By enabling this add-on, you can apply two tax rates at the same time per line item in your Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoices. (Apt for Canada, Indonesia)

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