The ultimate online project management software for effective teams

Plan Projects with Ease. Empower Your Team

  •’s online project management software lets your project managers to plan projects, work-streams and tasks with easy-to-use Gannt chart tool.  Get more visibility of project with sub-tasks, time-sheet hours, and dependencies.
  • Break down complex projects into easily manageable parts using work-streams and task predecessor-successor relationships. You can view task dependencies in Gannt Chart.
  • With centralized Resource Utilization tool, you can view  what each of your employees are doing and assign tasks based on that data.
  • Never miss any deadline with daily alerts and sms, email notifications about task and project end dates

Keep Track of Time. Easily Manage Time-sheets and Spend Less Time on Administration

  • Save administrative time and money with time-sheets. Put estimates for each of your employees and record it while allocating tasks.
  • Your project team members can log details of each task and track it. You can log both daily or weekly timesheets based on your company settings.
  • online project management software compares estimates with actual figure and provides you real time insights about task status
  • Bill time-sheet billing hours to client using Project-based invoice feature. No integrations. All tools in one place.

Keep Track of Documents. Share from Anywhere

  • Our online project management software allows you to to share documents per each project, task and work-stream. Team members can view latest version of documents and upload new ones
  • You can integrate your documents with google docs and Microsoft Office 365 platforms.
  • You can store files, videos, images, video clips, graphics, spreadsheets, reports with 5GB of free storage.
  • Get flexible by adding reminders and custom fields to your documents

Book Materials and Rooms for Your Projects. Manage Resource Availability

  • Add any material resource for your project and indicate how many items are available. You can add laptops, projectors, or any machinery needed to execute the project. You can indicate cost of usage of materials.
  • Your project managers can book items and use them for your projects. You can view the information about the usage of resource in resource utilization tool.
  • View reports based on the usage of materials and people hours. The system shows the total project cost including people and material resources

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