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In-out Report

View Staff in-out reports. Integrate with bio-metric device

Tired of tracking staff in-outs manually? provides attendance tracking solution inside HR and Payroll software. Integrating your own biometrics device to is easy. If you do not have biometrics device, we can provide our own. You can easily see top employees who are frequently late in the company. You can also match actual in-out hours with timeslot and timesheet hours. If you are still tracking staff in-outs manually, you can import your attendance report to Your staff can also check in and check out right from


Track Leave Requests. Manage holidays.

HR managers are able to specify leave allowance periods and holidays (off days) at Leave allowance periods can be extended to next year if it is required by the legislation. You employees then can add leave requests. Department leaders approve leave requests. Resource utilization dashboard shows all employees unavailable in the company. You can also track un-authorized leaves in your company. Your employees will see holidays and other non working days as green in their own calendar.


Create custom timeslots and schedules

You can create custom schedules for each employee, department or the location. You can assign schedules to a specific days/hours or make the employees work on certain days (only mondays and thursdays). Once the schedules are assigned, they affect the timesheet, leave requests and staff check-in, check-outs. If you need to change timeslot, it can be done in one click. Your employees can see their own timeslot, holidays, and tasks/timesheet data in employee self service tab.


Track Timesheet and Timesheet Approval.

You can fill out timesheet data per project or per office related tasks. All entered timesheets can be modified by users in timesheet-editor role. You can specify timesheet reminders for your employees at the end of each day. You can also setup timesheet approval reminders for project managers and department leaders. Approved timesheet entries are reflected in payroll and project billing. The resource utilization dashboard shows all employee schedules, planned vs. actual hours and the differences.


Get independent with Employee Self Service

The employee self service feature allows your employees to get independent by tracking their own HR related data in You employees can see their own timelot, their own leave requests, their own documents and document expiration dates. You can also publish company news and public contacts in HR. Your employees will also be able to see their own payroll related data including benefits and the status of the benefit requests. You can assign the automated email templates for your employees once the benefit requests or leave requests are approved.

Attendance Tracking and Timesheet Features

Fingerprint Device Integration
Dynamic Calendars for Employees
Two Level Approvals
Tasks and Timesheet
Custom Workflows
Real Time Reports

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It's much easier to automate attendance tracking with online attendance tracking software allows you to ease the burden of HR tasks. By integrating your fingerprint device to, you get, transparent reports for your payroll and accounting departments. Attendance tracking software is integrated with payroll, projects and accounting. By singing up to, you get the following benefits: