HR Management Software for UAE

HRMS- Is an online HR management solution that helps users to manage all of their HR activities in one solution. Using our HRMS solution users can manage:

1. Employee profiles and self service (with all of their details, including contacts, employment, position, salary, allowances, schedules, and even visa and passport details).

2.Attendance tracking – Using which companies will be able to manage, employees, schedules, leave types, leave allowances, daily attendance, employee time tracking, holidays and even integrate it with biometric time tracking devices.

3. Payroll – Using the payroll module users can set up employees salaries, their allowances, manage their payslips, manage loans, deductions, pension contributions, insurance deductions, generate WPS reports and calculate "End of service gratitude" payments.

hrms features

How is it integrated with other sections of system HRMS system is fully integrated with other sections of system, like, project management, accounting, payroll, CRM.

1. Within the HRMS section, administrators will be able to set up the access levels or permissions levels for employees using "user roles"

2. Integration with accounting module, will able to link the expenses, cash advance/loan requests, with accounting sections, so that when those will be approved on employee self service page, they will be automatically posted on accounting section.

3. Linkage with Project management sections, so that users will be able to easily link employees they have added under hr management module to projects as employees/resources. So that users won’t need to duplicate the employee details in different modules.

4. Payroll module integration – using which hr managers will be able to set up salaries/allowances for their employees.

hrms integrations