Complete Online HR Software for Managing Your Employees

HR Software Employee Self Service

Save time with Employee Self Service. Centralize Your HR Data

  • HR software lets employees to track their own documents and expiry dates, check-in and check-outs, time-sheet hours and payroll data.
  • View immediate increases in productivity and efficiency by saving HR administrative hours. Employees are able to access any HR-related information from home
  • Employee Self Service is connected with recruiting and on-boarding modules, allowing employees to evaluate their own progress and be a part of company’s culture
  • We provide online demo trainings for your employees to learn the system
HR Software. Attendance Tracking

Track Attendance. Spend Less Time on Administration

  • Setup schedules for all employees and communicate with them easily. With easy interface you can setup schedules for different department and teams. Employees can see when they work and system tracks their attendance based on the schedule automatically
  • Simplify staff check-in check-outs without having to use expensive equipment. Your employees can clock-in right in the system.
  • Employees can request leaves, track their own time-sheets Each employee has his own calendar which contains calls, events, tasks, holidays, leave requests and more
  • We provide personal high-level support from the point you start using the system. We advise you how to get started and we help with migrating your data
HR Software. Recruitment

Recruit best talents. Manage Candidates.

  • HR software allows you to publish vacancies and to collect candidates using simple interface. You can import candidates from various sources
  • Collaborate with other HR managers and department leaders while selecting candidates
  • Your candidates can see their recruitment status with limited access to your company
  • Get flexible about HR information with custom fields
  • Hired candidates are  automatically seen in Employee on-boarding section.

Make better decisions. Analyze HR Performance easily.

  • View important highlights on HR Dashboard. Take immediate action on pending issues, benefits, leave requests, expense claims and other employee data.
  • Analyze the performance of HR and employees in Reporting section. Drill down and summarize any information with just few clicks.
  • Manage payroll and employee compensation data. Make payments depending on the performance of your employees throughout the system. Setup rules for commissions and benefits. System then allocates them automatically.
  • Setup your own custom report templates and generate automatically them weekly basis.

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HR Software Features

Attendance Tracking
Employee Self Service
Document Management
Performance Appraisal
Real Time Reports
On Boarding
Custom Workflows
Fingerprint Device Integration

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